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Superior Construction

  • ¼" thick side rails
  • All rollers driven
  • Maintenance free cast iron housing sealed bearings
  • Adjustable structural steel leg assemblies
  • Interchangeable feet to allow pass height changes
  • Fully enclosed, guarded chains, top and bottom

Adjustable drive system

  • Easy to adjust without guard removal
  • Access from top of conveyor
  • Synthetic gearbox lubrication
  • All quick connect wiring for easy maintenance

Robust roller features

  • 3/16" wall tubing
  • 1 piece stub shafts machined from solid steel bar
  • Hardened sprocket teeth
  • 1" diameter bearing shaft
  • Full weld around circumference of tube
  • Tubing machined at both ends to ensure concentricity

Chain Guarding

  • Full guarding top and underneath the conveyor
  • No chain pinch points

Superior Service

Wulftec is committed to providing top-rate customer service. From our network of highly trained distributors and technicians, to our always-available customer service representatives, we'll make sure you get the help you need - quickly and efficiently.