We have the solution for your industry
Our stretch wrappers are built to last in the harshest of environments.
  • Best warranties in the industry
  • 10 year warranty on 25 ring gear bearings
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers' blue compound
  • Heavy duty structural steel construction (no plastic)
  • Stretch film is one of the most economical and reliable packaging materials
  • Offers protection from water ingress, dirt and abrasion
  • Ensures integrity of the load
  • Highly flexible to wrap a multitude of shapes
  • Available in different film gauges, characteristics, lengths and colors
  • Exceptional puncture resistance
  • Stretch film can be recycled
  • Productivity and cost effectiveness go a long way with stretch wrapping solutions.
    Speed up your production line and get to the market faster with a competitive edge wrapping solution.
    Customized for the industry
    Many businesses find themselves in highly competitive markets and are always looking for ways to get the competitive edge; provided that it comes at the right price, of course. That's why Wulftec offers a complete range of affordable options that allow end-users to custom build a machine that will meet their exact needs.
    Want proof?
    Here are great examples of how a customized Wulftec® stretch wrapper can make all the difference between boosting productivity and maximizing it.
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