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Industry: Construction

• Machines : WRWA-200 & WCRT-200


Construction Industry Solution

General picture of the WRWA-200. This picture does not necessarily show the options mentioned below.

Beverages Industry Solution

General picture of the WCRT-200. This picture does not necessarily show the options mentioned on the left.


The customer needed to wrap the load in both axes for dust protection using a very tight wrap for a wide variety of loads.


A highly customized WRWA-200 90” ring in tandem with the WCRT-200 model, featuring high throughput with the following options:

  • Allen Bradley PLC 5⁄05 with Ethernet link for communication between the
    2 wrappers
  • 12 different wrap patterns on the WRWA and 6 on the WCRT selectable from a barcode scanner or the touch screen
  • Load centering device on WRWA
  • Roping device on WCRT
  • 24 RPM on WCRT
  • 60 FPM for the entire conveyor system


• Machine : WRWA-200

Construction Industry Solution

Construction Industry Solution

Challenge: (Doors & windows industry)

The customer wanted to wrap a wide variety of windows varying in both length and height without any traces or scratches on the PVC window frame


A WRWA-200 with 60" ring dia. with polyurethane covered rollers, the new 10" powered Wulftec® pre-stretch carriage with 50% pre-stretch to wrap 30" long windows. Options included:

  • pneumatic polyurethane covered top holder
  • 10" powered Wulftec ® pre-stretch carriage with 50% pre stretch
  • non-powered bridge support



• Machine : WCRT-200 with Corner Board Application
Construction Material Industry Solution

Challenge: (Flooring industry)

The customer had products of various sizes that needed corner board protection on all four corners. Moreover, the application of the corner board protection had to be automatic and held in place by stretch wrap.



The WCRT-200 automatic rotary arm wrapper with integrated industry robots, indexing table and corner board magazines. Robots apply and hold the corner boards on the load while the wrapper secures them with stretch film. Options included:

  • 2 x 6 axis industry robots with corner post gripper tool, and 4 x corner post magazines
  • Indexing table process conveyor in wrap zone
  • Special wrapper program to accommodate robot logic
  • Modified frame, boom, and carriage for robot clearance
  • Automatic load centering device
  • Safety light curtains on infeed and outfeed conveyors
  • Circuit breakers in panel to replace fuses
  • Special pneumatic components
  • Air conditioning unit for control panel


• Machine: SML-200 door and window wrapper

Construction Material Industry Solution

Challenge: (Doors & windows industry)

Customer needed to wrap a high productivity 80 loads per hour



An extended base low-profile unit with a heavy-duty top platen and brackets designed especially for doors and windows. Options included:

  • 3-foot base extension
  • dual boom chain lift top platen
  • door brackets
  • lanyard remote control to control top platen operation
  • 30" carriage
  • 24 RPM on turntable with brake
  • Custom program for top platen

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