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Industry: Paper

• Machine : Conveyor and index table


Paper Industry Solution
Customized elevating conveyor section with 8” to 18” elevation


The client needed a turntable unit with only an 8” palletizer conveyor pass height and no possibility for pit mounting.



A highly customized hydraulic elevating conveyor section with 8” to 18” elevation with no pit. This system also featured other key options, including:

  • Pneumatic 90° index turntable
  • Strapping station
  • Two independent lines with priority programming
  • Independent manual⁄automatic feature for each line
  • About 85’ of total conveying sections


• Machine : WCRT-CRW


The customer needed to wrap unitized sliced sections of paper rolls of various dimensions.



WCRT-CRW for Cocoon Wrapping, with the following features:

  • Customer supplied the cradle
  • Mobile automatic film clamp and top-platen mounted film tail sealer
  • Wrap diameter extended to 104”
  • 23” pass height
  • Frame legs enlarged to allow 96”x 60” in pass-through
  • Carriage customized to allow a 15” web x 13” roll diameter
  • 24 RPM speed package
  • Dual tone custom color with all moving parts painted orange


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