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U.S. Tax Incentives on New Equipment Purchases (

Lease a Wulftec® stretch wrapper with no money down!

Why wait for a better bottom line to invest in a quality stretch wrapper?
Instead, lease a Wulftec® stretch wrapper and get more for less.

Benefit today from 100% financing and a $1 end-of-lease purchase option!

Wulftecs new leasing program is right for you if:

Leasing it makes sense!

Save even more time and money with our $1 purchase option!

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More on Lease & Wrap

Which machines or equipment does this apply too?
All machines (Semis, auto and strapping equipment); Retrofits are on a case to case.

What is the lease interest rate?
From 5-30K, approximately 13%; 30-60K, approximately 10%; 60-100K, approximately 8%; 100K over, approximately 7%, depending on credit profile.

What is the duration that the equipment can be leased?
Up to 7 years over 100K, up to 60 months on 5K-100K.

What are the terms?
Depending on requirement.

Who is responsible for shipping charges?
Customer; can be included in the amount leased.

What about repairs and or warranty items?
Supported by Wulftec standard warranty on equipment depending on the unit.