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The Maillis PowerMaster is specifically tailored to the corrugated and printing industries. It features an all-electric design that performs faster and more consistently, with fewer maintenance issues than competing products. The PowerMaster is easily integrated into existing production lines to create a seamless packaging system, including a wide variety of conveyors, turning devices, centering devices, printers, scanners, scales, etc.

System Description


  • Designed to interface with customer's conveyors and controls
  • Allen Bradley SLC 5/03 PLC with PanelView 600 plus operator interface
  • Capable of 16 different fully adjustable strapping patterns

Sealing Head:

  • Up to four GS-41 strapping heads, or one or two moving strapping heads
  • Low-maintenance VIBRO "friction seal" welding unit
  • Separate drive sections for fast strap transport and powerful tensioning (fully-electric)
  • Strap tension infinitely adjustable with a range of 50-900 pounds
  • Compact design with pivot mounting for easy access
  • Safe strap guide including high strap speed force
  • Accurate strap tensioning
  • Adjustment possible for different thicknesses of strapping material (PP or PET)

Other available options:

  • Undertrack and/or bayonet to strap loads with or without pallet
  • Corrugated top sheet applicator for edge protection of load