Wulftec history

Wulftec History

Since 1990, Wulftec International has been synonymous with unbeatable strength and durability in the stretch wrapping industry. We are renowned for developing, manufacturing and distributing the industry's best-built stretch wrappers. Our unwavering focus on quality, service and innovation means Wulftec machines are designed to work flawlessly in any environment and under any condition, load after load.

Reasons For Success

Why are Wulftec stretch wrappers considered to be the best? In addition to boasting unique patented features, every Wulftec stretch wrapper comes with the Wulftec Advantage, which includes all-steel structural designs, AC variable frequency drives and the best warranties available. Behind every meticulously handcrafted Wulftec machine are our dedicated employees who take pride in knowing that our commitment to excellence just can't be beat.

We are highly focused. The plant is solely dedicated to the design, development and manufacturing of quality stretch wrapping, strapping equipment and pallet handling solutions. Our training center and LAB are dedicated to training and testing of our latest innovations. We take pride in providing tours to our distributors and customers, to show them the quality processes used to build and customize our quality machines and introduce them to our efficient team of dedicated welders, painters, assemblers and technicians.

A Commitment To Customer Satisfaction

Wulftec is a member of the DURAVANT family of companies. Duravant is a global engineered equipment company with manufacturing, sales and service facilities throughout North America, Europe and Asia. Through their portfolio of operating companies, Duravant delivers trusted end-to-end process solutions for customers and partners through engineering and integration expertise, project management and operational excellence. Being a member of the Duravant family strengthened Wulftec’s competitive advantage and ability to provide superior solutions to meet the individual needs of clients. Our strong entrepreneurial spirit dictates that if we haven’t built it yet, we’ll work with clients to build it now. This commitment to customer satisfaction goes well beyond equipment design. We also give equal attention to installation and operations training, after-sales service and maintenance.

Thanks to the can-do approach of Wulftec’s sales and service departments, along with our extensive network of Wulftec distributors, it’s easy for clients to benefit from the exceptional value, reliability and productivity that only Wulftec can offer.


$2.5 Million Expansion Project

Construction of an additional 26,000 ft˛ expansion to its current production area.

Wulftec Introduces the WCA-TWIN Automatic Turntable Stretch Wrapper

A high speed dual tower turntable stretch wrapper:


$2 Million in Expansion Project

Construction of a new administrative and commercial offices area of 8,000 sq. feet… an addition which brought the total surface area of the plant to 161,000 sq. feet.

WRING-250 Affordable Medium Duty Ring Wrapper

We are happy to introduce a new family member, the WRING-250. This ring wrapper combines proven and simple technology, good performance (25RPM), innovation (30" carriage on a ring wrapper) and affordability.

3 Year Warranty on Strapping Machines

Our strapping machines now carry a 3 year warranty except for the strapping head and the track which remains warranted for a period of 1 year. All the rest, conveyors, control panel, options, structure etc… are warranted for 3 years.


The Rapid-Cut is back

Save the operators one timely step in the wrapping process by adding a Rapid-Cut device to puncture the film at the end of the cycle to separate the film from the load.

Ask us about Variable pre-stretch!

Wulftec introduce variable pre-stretch as an option.
Why do you need variable pre-stretch?


$1 Million in Expansion Project

Construction of a new operations area of 10,000 sq. feet… an addition which brought the total surface area of the plant to 146,000 sq. feet.


Wulftec introduces The WAVE

Wulftec Absolute Velocity Equipment
Built with the same quality as every Wulftec® stretch wrapping system, the WAVE offers versatility in various applications and is suited for many industries.


WRW-SPIN Horizontal Stretch Bundler

A great alternative to strapping, taping, poly bags, corrugated materials or other unitizing methods.


SMLCA-277 automated conveyorized dual station

The SMLCA-277 is a stretch wrapper that shows tangible results, such as real labor savings and increased throughput.

5-Year Warranty on SMART™ Series

As of October 31, 2010, our SMART™ Series semi-automatic and the non-conveyorized automated (SMHPA, SMLPA and SMLCA-277) stretch wrappers carry a 5-year warranty – no exclusion!

Wulftec® celebrated its 20 year anniversary

Certification: Rockwell Machine Builder

Wulftec® is the only stretch wrapping manufacturing company Certified Rockwell Machine Builder. The Machine Builder Program gives Rockwell Automation customers access to best-in-class companies delivering innovative machine solutions.


"Maintenance Free" Spring Loaded Carriage Gate

It is equipped with spring loaded rollers, which ensures optimal contact with the stretch film year after year - without involving maintenance.


A portable high profile automated turntable stretch wrapper with 5,000 lbs load weight capacity and 16 RPM variable speed.


WCA-SMART™ Re-Design - Merged the WCA-150 and 200 into one line: The WCA-SMART™ Stretch Wrapper

Benefits include standardization of line with the SMART™ tower & carriage inventory, lead time, enclosed carriage chains.

The CAT Combo Arm Turntable Stretch Wrapper

The most versatile stretch wrapper in the industry with the possibility to switch mode between rotary arm wrapper, turntable wrapper or combo rotary arm and turntable wrapper.

4-Year Warranty on WRT & WRTA Series


WCW - Automatic Banner Applicator

The WCW designed to apply a printed banner that can display your company logo or a message around the perimeter of the load.


WRING-500 Automatic Rotary Ring Wrapper

For increased productivity, this stretch wrapper features: high-speed wrapping for increased productivity, versatility with different wrap patterns, film saving with one way wrapping, banding and split wrap capabilities, carbon fiber ring.

Value Line Stretch Wrappers – A Good Alternative to Hand Wrapping

WVL-100 designed with affordability in mind to cut labor and stretch film costs.


4-Year Warranty on SMART™ Series Stretch Wrappers

$1.5 Million in Expansion Project

Construction of a new operations area of 26,000 sq. feet… an addition which brought the total surface area of the plant to 136,000 sq. feet.


SMART™ Series Stretch Wrappers

A new approach to semi-automatic stretch wrapping: the SMART™ Series allowed customers can pick and choose the individual components (turntable, wrap height, carriage, control panel) of their machine.


The new-and-improved WRTA-150 - Automated Rotary Arm Stretch Wrapper

The WRTA-150 eliminates the need to attach and cut film, saving valuable operator time and reducing costs.


WLPA-200 – A Portable Automated Low Profile Stretch Wrapper

The WLPA-200 eliminates the need to attach and cut film, saving valuable operator time and reducing costs.


WRWA Horizontal Stretch Wrapper

The new, improved way to wrap doors, windows, carpets, textiles, lumber, copper piping, magazines, corrugated tubing…and more