Our solution for the metal coils industry:

Why is a Wulftec® stretch wrapper is the packaging solution for your industry?

Metal coils

We can tie your metal coil to a wooden pallet and avoid load shifting during transportation

Special movable carriage and roping sequence ties the coil to the pallet by placing strong ropes under the wing pallets, combined with a "x" pattern and full film web it provides a nice looking safe and inexpensive package.

The combination of rope and wrap eliminates expensive containment methods such as strapping and corrugated wrap

The movable device allows proper positioning of the carriage to bring it as close as possible to the coil, thus ensuring the proper placement of the rope, even with a wide range of coil sizes

Metal coils tied to the pallet

How can we help you?

Customized Stretch Wrapper with special movable carriage

Metal coils tied to the pallet

Servo-motor unit (part of our patented movable carriage) allowing a close to load movement, thus ensuring a positive pallet wing rope catch over a wide range of loads

Load size detection lazer allows proper carriage extension and automates the wrap pattern selection

Special software package with multiple wrap/rope pattern selections

Adjustable tilting clamp to ensure proper film tail management for a large variety of film and load sizes

Plastic loops ensures a proper wipe action on different load sizes

Wrap diameter extension

Rotary arm dual speed improves productivity in full web operation while keeping a reasonable speed in roping mode

Ring gear sprocket counter, allowing constant and precise rotary arm positioning, which is essential for this kind of application

Retroflective dual boom mounted autoheight photoeye to ensure proper sensing on round and shiny surfaces

Optional super heavy duty conveyor

Super heavy duty conveyor

Up to 40,000 pound capacity roller conveyors designed with the knowledge of a well known conveyor leader in this industry

5½" roller diameter

74" BFR allowing a wide range of coil sizes

5 HP drive motor

20 FPM conveyor speed

Special movable carriage

Special movable carriage

Combined "Rope & Wrap" pattern keeps integrity of the package-thus allowing a complete unification of the coil to the pallet for safe transportation

Dual roping cylinders allow a fast speed roping up/down motion to place a rope under each wing of the pallet

We have the solution for your industry

Our stretch wrappers are built to last in the harshest of environments.

Stretch film is one of the most economical and reliable packaging materials

Productivity and cost effectiveness go a long way with stretch wrapping solutions.
Speed up your production line and get to the market faster with a competitive edge wrapping solution.

Targeted Industries: