Link your website to Wulftec
Wulftec is presently implementing a web program designed to optimize our positioning on the most popular internet search engines.
The goal is to improve our visibility on the world-wide-web in order to increase subsequent business opportunities for both our company and you the distributor increased traffic on our website potentially leads to increased sales for your team.
More visibility for us equals more sales for you!


Because internet search engines places a lot of emphasis on keywords. In the past, we were promoting our Logo / Banner only as an image, but we are now proposing a combination of both text and image. Having Wulftec associated with certain keywords such as "Stretch Wrappers" on our related websites, will increase our ranking /credibility so when a search is performed using any search engine, we will appear in the top results. Again, more visibility for us equals more sales for you.
If you already have Wulftec's logo on your website, this is an easy modification: the image in your "source code" is usually marked by <img></img>. Simply swap this section of code for the one we are providing you.

If you any question or comments, please contact us:

Blue logo on white background

Blue logo on clear background

White logo on black background

White logo on clear background