In line top sheet dispenser Retrofit

Wulftec’s fully automated In line top sheet applicator.

To retrofit an automatic in line top sheet dispenser unit with its own conveyor section, in a conveyor line or over an existing conveyor section.

The unit is supported by an overhead port structure straddling an extra heavy-duty powered roller conveyor section.

The top sheet unit features auto height sensing device, bottom film loading, double chain driven vertical motion, lack of top sheet alarm light, 60″ to 72″ top sheet roll width capacity, top sheet up/down manual mode, and load flow control photoeyes.

The unit comes with its own controls and with dry contact communications to link with the other conveyor system.

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Key Specs

Package Contents

  • Overhead frame with top sheet film feeding cart
  • PLC and program sequence
  • Installation Instructions and electrical schematics
  • Dry contact communication links with the conveyor system
  • Auto height sensing photoeye
  • Lack of top sheet film photoeye
  • Guards with flow control photoeyes.
  • 24VDC controls

Electrical Requirements

  • 230 V /
  • 3 ph /
  • 60 Hz
  • 15 A
  • (Other voltage available)

Pneumatic Requirements

  • 3 cfm @
  • 80 psi

Estimated Installation Time

  • 8-16 hours

Approximate Shipping Weight

  • 2,240 lbs


  • One year
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