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NO-THREAD® 20″ or 30″ carriage

Key Specs
Package Contents
  • Two limit switches for maximum traveling height
  • DC motor and DC Drive or AC motor and AC drive
  • Film tension (adjustment on carriage via a potentiometer)
  • Autoheight photoeye detection
  • Instructions
Estimated Installation Time
  • 3-4 hours
Approximate Shipping Weight
  • 112 lbs (for a 20" carriage)
  • 131 lbs (for a 30" carriage)
  • (add approx. 75 lbs for shipping material)
  • One year
  • The “Maintenance Free” spring loaded carriage gate equipped with spring loaded rollers, ensures optimal contact with the stretch film year after year, without involving maintenance
  • Wulftec is the only manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME warranty on its pre-stretch rollers’ blue compound.
  • Preset pre-stretch ratios are available from 50-300%
  • No film threading is required and a Lexan cover eliminates operator’s ability to reach rollers when gate is closed
  • Non-Proprietary parts accessible on a local base
  • The best warranties in the industry
    • 1-year unlimited cycle warranty
    • lifetime warranty on prestretch rollers

Product Description

Get your money back by getting the proper Pre-Stretch level.

To Retrofit a Stretch Wrapper, with a NO-THREAD® 20″ or 30″ CARRIAGE. The carriage works with an analog sensor that interacts with the dancer bar to adjust the motor speed for corner compensation and equal tension all around the product.

Please refer to the drawing for mounting (plate). It is the distributor’s responsibility to fit the mounting plate or to have an adaptor plate fabricated for the retrofit carriage so that it can be mounted properly to the existing machine.

It is, also, the distributor’s responsibility to install and determine the feasibility of the retrofit on a competitor’s machine