Histoires de réussites

Histoires de réussites

Chez Wulftec, nous mesurons notre succès d’après le succès de nos clients. Lorsqu’un client a un défi d’emballage, notre équipe est prête à faire ce qu’il faut pour trouver la bonne solution.Les histoires de réussites suivantes sont quelques exemples de notre engagement à fournir des produits et services de très grande qualité.

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Atlantic Packaging is a leading independent sustainable packaging company specialising in critical applications packaging with a strong focus on packaging equipment, high-performance materials, technical service and sustainability. The company has a hybrid model of manufacturing, distribution, and technical service.
2021/05/04 | Business Focus Magazine | en | profile

Since first arriving in 1982 the ‘Big Red Shed’ has grown into a massive, New Zealand-leading brand. Today it is anything but a simple ‘shed’, and The Warehouse Group is the largest retail group operating in New Zealand. With the changing shopping landscape, new systems were needed to meet demand. Increasing pallet packaging efficiency was paramount.
2020/09/05 | Universal Packaging | en | study

In 2011 Oji Fibre Solutions decided it was time for a change. The company was experiencing considerable growth and they needed to ensure a future-focused ethos could continue unabated. Now, 8 years later, the Wulftec solution is delivering the goods with steadfast reliability
2019/10/29 | Universal Packaging | en | study

The Foodstuffs distribution centre in Palmerston North is a 35,000m², state-of-the-art facility running 24 hours a day and distributing more than 600,000 pallets of dry goods to the Lower North Island region each year. With the dual Wulftec WRTA system these pallets are now packed perfectly each time, every time.
2019/07/05 | Universal Packaging | en | study

Wulftec is a leader in the industry when it comes to Automatic Stretch Wrappers, Strapping Systems and Pallet Handling Solutions. With machines all over the world, Ewon helps them remotely monitor and maintain them 24/7.
2019/05/28 | HMS Networks | en | study

Compact, smooth-running, and capable of being integrated into this OEM’s stretch wrappers in a variety of orientations, SE Encore right-angle speed reducers have become a go-to standard.
2019/03/07 | Packaging World | en | profile

A Niagara Region manufacturer’s stretch wrapping solution was hurting their bottom line – and they didn’t even know it. What they didn’t realize was that each pallet was wrapped with too much stretch film, increasing their overall film consumption.
2019/02/18 | Crawford Packaging | en | study

Crawford Packaging recently worked with a crop seed grower to improve their stretch film efficiency and consumption rates. The Grower was experiencing high rates of stretch wrap consumption. Their total savings was being severely limited due to their old, worn out stretch wrapper.
2018/05/07 | Crawford Packaging | en | study

En 2002, M.J. Maillis, entreprise spécialisée dans l'emballage de fin de ligne ayant ses racines en Grèce depuis plus de 40 ans, faisait l'acquisition de Wulftec, établie dans le môme domaine depuis 1990. La fusion des deux entités allait donner lieu à cette méga entreprise reconnue mondialement dans plus de 80 pays par le biais d'un réseau de 18 compagnies affiliées et plus de 250 distributeurs indépendants.
2017/05/26 | Québec Entreprise | fr | profile

Crawford Packaging was contacted by a Food Processor that manufacturers spreads and jams. The Food Processor was growing in size and were in the process of doubling their production facilities. The new, higher production levels were proving to be too much for their existing stretch wrap equipment.
2017/02/19 | Crawford Packaging | en | study

New stretch wrapper from Wulftec replaces pneumatic cylinders with electric stepper motors so no compressed air is involved, meaning less energy is consumed and maintenance is simplified.
2015/09/28 | Packaging World | en | study

Iconic Canadian breakfast cereal processor holds onto the past with modern?updates to its product packaging security
2015/02/20 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

The company name might indicate that it is small, and the same goes for its best-selling product—but for one Quebec bakery, speed is the key to growing the business.
2014/04/24 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

Death's Door Distillery is a dream come true. What started as an experiment to see if agriculture could be restored, promoted and conserved on Washington Island, WI, has blossomed into a full-fledged business with the construction of the company's new $3.5 million state-of-the art distillery in Middleton, WI.
2013/08/31 | Packaging Digest | en | story

Aerofil Technology Inc. (ATI) began its operations in Sullivan, MO, in the fall of 1988 with two small aerosol lines and less than 50,000 sq ft of space. Since then, ATI has greatly expanded and now serves clients around the world. Its capabilities, customer base and facility size have grown exponentially during the past 25 years.
2013/03/31 | Packaging Digest | en | story

Wulftec international designs, develops and manufactures stretch wrapping, strapping and pallet handling solutions that reduce product damage and improve operational efficiency to achieve higher profitability. David Soyka reports on how this Quebec-based company helps customers stretch pallet packaging and handling dollars.
2012/12/13 | Industry Today | en | profile

Hot brands in the beverage category are driving growth at this California contract bottler, where a new line handles CSD or still beverages in a variety of sizes at 600 bottles/min.
2012/09/05 | Packaging World | en | story

Wrapping machine performance monitoring system helps Ice River Springs increase production flow and freeze film cost overages.
2012/07/02 | Packaging World | en | story

Famed Quebec coffee maker perks up its manufacturing prowess with world-class automation technologies and packaging know-how
2012/06/12 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

When applying stretch wrap to a unit load applying stretch wrap to a unit load, many facilities rely on manpower. But wrapping by hand has its downsides, increasing the risk of worker injury and inefficiently using stretch film, says Steve Fleming, director of sales at the Wulftec/M.J. Maillis Group.
2012/06/01 | Modern Materials Handling | en | study

From simple beginnings as a dipping shop in 1932, Pierre's Ice Cream Co. has progressed through a series of Cleveland locations and facilities to its present spectaOctober 2011_0023.jpgcular $9 million ice cream plant that opened this past June.
2011/12/31 | Packaging Digest | en | story

At Dunn-Edwards' new paint plant, this vacuum-gripper end effector carries a 220-lb payload, and the articulating robot can palletize 5-gal paint buckets at 44/min.
2011/05/12 | Packaging World | en | story

A new state-of-the-art plant for Coca-Cola Bottling Company United in Baton Rouge, LA, includes four packaging lines that meet the needs of today while being flexible enough to accommodate future growth.
2011/05/07 | Packaging World | en | story

A new $21 million, 75,000 sq-ft craft brewery recently built by New Glarus Brewing Co. in New Glarus, WI, can produce 100,000 barrels of beer/year.
2011/01/02 | Packaging Digest | en | story

End-of-line packaging upgrade gives Quebec potato-chip manufacturer a fresh start on the road to optimal plant efficiency.
2008/10/08 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

Pompeian, Inc., a leading importer, bottler and distributor of olive oils and wine vinegars in the U.S., is changing the way it does business, at least the way it packs cases of its familiar product at its headquarters in Baltimore. For the first time, the 102-year-old company has automated its olive oil and wine vinegar processing/bottling lines with robotics.
2008/06/30 | Packaging Digest | en | story

Mission Bell Winery’s 5-L bag-in-box wine line serves as a blueprint for a new 3-L line that provides ‘outstanding’ sterility, ergonomics, and productivity.
2008/06/02 | Packaging World | en | story

Massive plant upgrade puts flooring manufacturer on solid growth course
2007/10/01 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

Quebec machine-builder accelerates its fast-growing ways with progressive approach to modern machine design
2006/06/01 | Automate Now Plus | en | profile

West Coast food distribution center staying on fast-growth track with motivated workforce, progressive business practices and top end-of-line packaging equipment.
2005/10/01 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

Colorado-based Biota debuts spring-fed water in commercially compostable bottles molded of polylactide.
2004/12/31 | Packaging World | en | story

Drugstore giant boosts distribution throughput and productivity with robust, Canadian-made stretchwrapping machinery
2004/10/01 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

With the installation of its first robotic palletizing line, Foremost Farms USA, Waukesha, WI, has doubled its throughput and surpassed its required speed and weight parameters. Since the line has been maintenance-free during its 10 months of operation, Foremost has already realized the expected savings projected for the installation.
2004/05/31 | Packaging Digest | en | story

Nova Scotian water bottler uses state-of-the-art, made-in-Canada stretch wrapping system to keep surging output flowing on even keel
2004/03/01 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

Quebec building products manufacturer uses home-made stretchwrapping equipment to ensure maximum holding strength for its palletized shipments of stone and brick
2003/10/01 | Canadian Packaging | en | story

Technological innovations allow Alberta producer of concrete and stone products
2003/03/01 | Canadian Packaging | en | story