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Automatic Rotary Arms
Automatic Strapping Systems
Automatic Turntables
Combos Strapper-Wrapper
Lumber Press LMB-250
Semi-Automatic Rotary Arms
Semi-Automatic Turntables
– SMART™ Series
WCAT-450 Combo Arm Turntable
WCW Banner Applicator
WRING-250 Rotary Ring
WRWA-200 Horizontal

Pallet Handling

Heavy Duty Conveyors
– 2,500 LBS Capacity


In Line Top Sheet
Rapid Cut


GT41 N – Strapping Head
NO-THREAD® Carriage


Duravant Lifecycle Services

Tip of the day

Adjusting the WTB26 photoelectric sensor
Allen Bradley Drive Basics
Autoheight Photoeye
Carriage and Clamp Reloading
Carriage Gate False Alarm
Cut & Wipe Tuning
Multi Step Programming
Pre-stretch Dancer Bar Sensor Calibration
Rapid Cut
SMLPA Table Assembly
Strap Dispenser Reloading

Yes, we do this!

Automated turntable with compression top platen
SML-150 & VarioMaster 9440 Strapper Wrapper Combo
Strapper-Wrapper Combination
Strapper-Wrapper Combo with a Pallet Dispenser
Turntable & Rotary Arm Combo Stretch Wrapper
VarioMaster 9490 horizontal strapping system designed for the Brick and Block industry
WCA-SMART™ automatic turntable stretch wrapping with pallet exchanging system
WCRT-CRW automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper for large and heavy rolls
WRT-CRW semi-automatic rotary arm stretch wrapper with a special cradle
WRWA-200 Horizontal Stretch Wrapper with a Bunk Inserter