Hand Wrapping VS Stretch Wrapping

Are you still manually wrapping loads because you think a stretch wrapping machine is too costly for your current needs?

You may want to reconsider before dismissing this option.

Hand Wrapping

  • Film waste
  • 10% pre-stretch
  • 12 loads per hour
  • Uneven packaging
  • Tedious and time consuming
  • Manual labor

Stretch Wrapping

  • Film savings… up to 66%
  • 250% pre-stretch
  • 55 loads per hour
  • Professional packaging
  • Quick and easy
  • Minimal operator involvement

Companies that are hand wrapping and switch to stretch wrapping will see significant savings in film usage. As well, hand wrapping is a time-consuming and physically demanding operation. Stretch wrapping is easier and safer, while reducing product damage and labor. The cost of a stretch wrap machine is easily justified, even with 10-15 loads per day. A stretch wrap machine is excellent business sense production rates go up, labor costs go down, wrapping is more consistent and there is more quality control over the wrapping process to ensure damage-free distribution.

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To calculate your film savings, please refer to the Film Cost Calculator below