Sales Seminar

Sale Seminar

This is a unique opportunity for new distributors to learn about Wulftec equipment and how to present it to prospective customers. Plus benefit from multiple “hands on” sessions.

For more information:
Colinda Lavallee
Colinda Lavallee
Marketing Manager
Phone: 819-838-4232 x274
Fax: 819 838-5539
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Participants will learn, among other things:

  • Introduction of Internal Sales & Marketing Team
  • About Wulftec – The Company with the Solutions
  • Be Comfortable With Stretch Wrapping Equipment
  • What Makes Wulftec Unique / Advantage
  • Product Review / Options / Questionnaires
    • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers
    • Automatic Stretch Wrappers
    • Strapping Systems
  • Overview of the Industry
  • Using Our Web Site / Sales Tools
  • Applications:
    • Semi-Automatic Stretch Wrappers
    • Automatic Stretch Wrappers
    • Strapping Systems
  • Competitive Review
  • Retrofits
  • Pallet Handling Solutions
  • Automation for Distribution Centers
  • Film Cost Analysis
  • ROI
  • Plant Tour
  • Hands-On Sessions – Stretch Wrappers,
  • Strapping Systems, Pallet Handling Solutions

Mandatory technical skills and knowledge the attendees MUST have:

No technical knowledge necessary. The seminar is aimed at both beginners and veterans in the field.

Mandatory equipment, software and/or cables the attendees MUST have:

Safety glasses and steel toe shoes or boots are required during the plant tour. If you do not have glasses or working shoes, we will provide them.