High Speed

Always looking to get an higher production rate ? We have the solution for you !
Wulftec offers a complete line of automatic stretch wrapping systems made to measure and meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether or not you’re in the market for new equipment, it’s always a good time to plan for success.

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High Speed Package:

The rotation speed is variable up to 24, 30 or even 35 RPM in the spiral up/down mode and can be controlled by the rotation speed dial on the control panel. A motor upgrade with brake resistor, an electric brake on carriage, a pneumatic brake on arm rotation and a counter-weight are added in order to achieve these speeds.

Dual Arm and Carriage:

The addition of a second boom with carriage, is an easy way to gain a lot of speed for the WCRT-200. The two carriages apply film simutaneously to increase the output, or the second boom & carriage can act as a back-up to the first carriage when there is a lack of film or film out.


Eliminate downtime due to film changeover with our carrousel mounted film carriage system. Comes with up to 4 complete NO-THREAD® powered pre-stretch film carriages that work alternatively, for continuous-operation film reloading.

Operator exposure to moving parts during operation is eliminated with our human-safe film loading zone. The film loading zone is outside of the wrapping zone and is equipped with its own safety devices which does not interfere with the wrapping process.

Therefore, the operator can reload the stretch film roll without stopping the machine operation while being 100% safe.

With up to 4 carriages on the same system, customers can pre-set wrap patterns to use the different carriages for different needs.