Frequently Asked Questions

Choosing Wulftec packaging equipment should be a hassle-free process. It should also be the best investment you’ll ever make in your productivity. We want our customers to know about the benefits of Wulftec products — whether you’re looking for a low-end economy model or a highly-customized machine.

We’ve included answers to some of the questions that are most frequently asked by customers. If you don’t find an answer to your particular question, please contact us or your nearest Wulftec distributor. We’re here to help you boost productivity and cut costs!

  • Why should I buy a stretch wrap system from Wulftec ?

    Quality. Service. Innovation. Wulftec excels at all three. In order to ensure that you end up with a skillfully designed system that will perform as required, our dedicated team will support you, and have all the customized features you need to succeed.

  • Where is the nearest Wulftec distributor ?

    To find a distributor near you, you can:

    1. Contact the regional representative for your area. (Listed under the Sales Force section of this website)
    2. E-mail us with your location (city & state/province) and we’ll advise you by return e-mail.
    3. Call us at 1 877 WULFTEC (1 877 985-3832)
  • What is unitizing?

    Unitizing is the term used to describe packaging goods as a unit. Whether it’s done with stretch wrapping, shrink film strapping or taping, it offers significant benefits. Unitizing your products can reduce handling costs, with less product to handle. It can save time in handling and shipping, and ensure a quicker flow of goods in the distribution process — a distinct competitive advantage. Finally, unitizing offers better protection of goods, and less chance of theft or damage during handling.

  • How many loads per day would justify buying a stretch wrapping machine?

    The cost of a stretch wrapper is easily justified, even with 10-15 loads per day. Hand-wrapping is a time-consuming and physically demanding operation. Stretch wrapping makes it easier and safer, while reducing product damage and labor. Companies that are wrapping manually with film will see significant savings in film usage, as well. For companies that are processing 80 or more loads per day, a stretch wrapper makes excellent business sense. Production rates go up, labor costs go down. The wrapping is more consistent and there is more quality control over the wrapping process to ensure damage-free distribution.

  • What about loads that need ventilation?

    We design and manufacture a wide range of options for each of our stretch wrap systems. There are several options for loads that need to be ventilated: netting, roping and flexible wrapping pattern that allow air in and out.

  • Does load weight make a difference?

    Yes, and chances are there’s a Wulftec solution to meet your load weight challenge. Generally speaking, though, rotary arm models are best suited for very heavy or very light loads.

  • What is the difference between a turntable stretch wrapper and a rotary arm stretch wrapper?

    The main difference is that with turntable models, the load rotats on itself while the film is applied. With a rotary arm model, the load is stationary and the rotary arm does the wrapping. Load weight can influence machine selection, as can desired speed, specific application, environment and other factors. Some loads are too unstable to be rotated – in which case a rotary arm model would be suitable. Turntable models are generally less expensive and take up less room.

  • Does Wulftec sell stretch film?

    Wulftec’s focus is entirely on designing and building stretch wrappers, not manufacturing stretch film. Since film is an important part of the process, we test virtually all of them to ensure that our equipment works well with the majority of films available on the market.

  • Where can I get stretch film?

    Our distributors can help you here. They can provide you with a regular supply of stretch film and advise on the proper machine for your application. In addition, they will show you how to use it cost-effectively for optimal performance. To find a distributor near you, contact us now.

  • What does pre-stretch mean?

    One of the reasons that stretch film is so cost-effective is that it is stretchable prior to wrapping a unit. This means you use less film to do the job, and save money on the cost of the film without weakening the strength of the load. In fact, stretched film shrinks back after application, to ensure an even tighter fit and secure load. The pre-stretch rolls of the machine’s carriage stretch the film. Depending on your needs, your system can stretch film from 50% to 300%.

  • How do I know what percentage of pre-stretching I need?

    Customers usually specify a 200% pre-stretch, and up to 250% for automatic machines. It really depends on the film. Wulftec representatives or distributors will help you select the optimum percent pre-stretch for your particular needs.

  • Do you carry replacement parts?

    Wulftec offers a full line of replacement parts, available on request through our distributors. We strongly recommend that our customers obtain replacement parts from us, as we benefit from volume discounts and the expertise that you might require to obtain just the right part. On the other hand, as an added convenience for you, you can also obtain replacement parts from an alternate source, as Wulftec parts are non-proprietary.

  • What are the regions covered by your company and/or your distributors?

    Wulftec sells to customers around the world, with a wide network of distributors supported by our skilled regional representatives. For a regional look at our contacts, see the Contact Us section or the Sales Force section of our Web site. To locate the distributor closest to you, please contact your Wulftec regional representative or contact us today.

  • What type of warranty does Wulftec offer?

    The best in the industry. Wulftec is the only manufacturer to offer a LIFETIME warranty on its pre-stretch compound rollers. A 10-year warranty protects Wulftec’s sturdy 25 ring gear bearings, engineered for smooth operation and designed for superior accuracy and reliability. All machines feature a 3-year unlimited cycle warranty (4 years on WRT and WRTA, 5 years on semi-automatic SMART™, SMHPA, SMLCA and SMLPA).

  • Do you have machines in stock that are ready for delivery?

    Yes. Wulftec warehouses machines at its Ayer’s Cliff location. Many Wulftec distributors carry stock ready for delivery, in various strategic locations around North America.

  • Who takes care of shipping the equipment?

    We do, and we advise our customers that allowing us to ship the product is to their advantage. We have the skills, the expertise and the connections. We know how to follow each country’s customs procedures. We can prepare and crate according to specific needs when shipping to remote locations or overseas.

  • Can a machine be custom-built?

    Absolutely. All Wulftec machines are originals, so to speak. We can customize any of our basic models, either by adding one of the many available options, or by working closely with you to design what you specifically need for your business success. We are open, flexible, innovative and dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction.

  • Is there any training available to company personnel?

    Definitely. Wulftec International and/or our distributors offer on-site training along with installation, to ensure that you and your employees get the most out of your investment. We also have comprehensive documentation and a toll-free number (1-877-WULFTEC) for additional assistance.