The Duravant family of operating companies serve the food processing, packaging and material handling segments.


Film Tail Treatment

Targeted Industries:

  • Brick and block
  • Construction
  • Food


Proven Cut & Wipe Film Treatment System

The pneumatically operated cut and wipe-on system automatically cuts and wipes the film onto the load upon cycle end. A vertical roller positions the film over the clamp which grabs the film (this ensures longer heat wire life expectancy) then the heat wire swings in and cuts the film.

A timed impulse heat control allows quick cool down so the heat wire becomes cold to the touch within 5 seconds, thus eliminating any danger of burns for the operator

Heat seal

The floating head design heat pad with foam padding to adjust to variable load profiles. Can be mounted either on the wipe arm, on the side of the conveyor or on the floor. The wipe arm configuration will save space, and the conveyor or floor configuration will get you a better throughput by being seperate for the wrapping cycle. Comes with a temperature adjustment controller.

Compact clamp

Another option is our compact clamp. This device seals the last two bottom layers together, bonding them solidly. An air blowing system takes care of the tail left at the beginning of the cycle and the film is cut next to the seal… thus eliminating film tail problems.

Roping & knotting

Because of the density of some loads, wipe down and heat seal methods are not as effective as they should be. To avoid the film tail becoming loose during transport, we designed an automated device that ties both ends of the “rope”.