Extreme Environments

Wulftec offers a complete line of semi-automatic and automatic stretch wrapping systems made to measure and meet the specific needs of our customers. Whether or not you’re in the market for new equipment, it’s always a good time to plan for success.

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Temperature Package

Whether you are wrapping in a freezer or a foundry, in Alaska or Arizona, we will equip your stretch wrapper with a heating or cooling system that will optimize its efficiency. Wherever its location, you will always get 100% out of your stretch wrapper and film.

Washdown Applications

Some industries such as food, beverage and pharmaceuticals require high-pressure cleaning to remove any unwanted contaminants from their facilities. To resist intense clean-ups, Wulftec will equip your system with water proof motors. Quick connectors and enclosure already being rated NEMA 4, this is the last piece that needs to be upgraded to have a waterproof system.

Corrosion Resistant

Wulftec offers different types of paint that are water and corrosion resistant, such as epoxy paint or “Steel-It” paint. Epoxy is the first level of hard-wearing paint resisting repeated washdowns and corrosion.

If you are looking for more protection, the “Steel-It” paint is weather, abrasion and corrosion resistant. It is ideal for applications using ultraviolet rays, chemicals, oils, alkalis, food acid, abrasion and high-pressure washdowns. USDA approved, it is only available in the color grey.

For the ultimate corrosion protection, you can have different components zinc coated or replaced with stainless steel.