Strapper-Wrapper Combo

Strap & Wrap Combined Systems

Our fully integrated strapping and wrapping systems provide the single best load containment solution on the market. Our machines can work as one system using one or more control cabinets depending on your application. The Strap and Wrap system offers the versatility to select the right load conta inment program for each of your loads. Some loads may require wrapping only, others strapping only or a combination of both technologies. With the Wulftec strap & wrap solutions, all possible configurations are available to ensure your product is safeguarded in the best way.

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Wulftec’s strapper and wrapper combination system offers you a fully integrated solution that cannot be found elsewhere. Buying a Wulftec integrated system, which combines our pallet handling, conveying, strapping or wrapping equipment, is buying peace of mind that every element has been taken into consideration from design to finish. We set up your entire line in our factory as if it was in yours and make extensive testing to provide you with a fully proven-to-perform integrated line. Why buy from different sources and have to manage the complexity and cost of integration yourself? Wulftec will integrate those important pieces of equipment for you and work hand in hand with any partners providing the rest of the solution.

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