Shuttle Conveyor Conveyors

The shuttle conveyor is moved forward or backward on a rail to carry the load from different loading / discharging points on two or more conveyor lines.

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  • Wulftec was the first in North America to put AC variable frequency drives as standard equipment on all machines. Why? Lower maintenance and better reliability—Wulftec stretch wrappers will save time and money
  • Superior Electrical/Electronic Design including Allen Bradley Micro800 Series and AC drives
  • All motors, proximity sensors, photoeyes and other sensors have quick disconnect cables that simplify installation and maintenance
  • All Wulftec structures are made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, even in the harshest work environments. They’re built to last forever
  • 5′ Powered shuttle conveyor section with travel and rest position
  • “V” shaped track with grooved wheels for guiding
  • Electrically driven friction wheel on flat track
  • Hydraulic end of stroke bumpers
  • Shuttle speed from 30 to 120 fpm
  • Wampfler trolley cabling system with c-rail track system and flat cable from the main enclosure to the trolley home position with quick disconnect and junction box
  • Optional safety scanners mounted on the shuttle to protect the shuttle conveyor zone
  • Non-Proprietary parts accessible on a local base
  • The best warranties in the industry
    • 1-year unlimited cycle warranty
    • 10-years on the steel structure

Key Specs


  • Multiple positions shuttle conveyor with fwd / rev including
  • Customized mast to connect with festoon system
  • "V" shaped driving wheels to run on flat bar, allowing low forklift traffic without pit mounting
  • Automatically moved
  • Festoon cabling system including 40' of c-rail track system and flat cable, 58' of cable extension from the main enclosure to the trolley home position with quick disconnect and junction box*
  • Shuttle speed up to 120 FPM
  • Powered roller conveyor moving at 30 FPM (other speeds available)
  • Actual stopping positions will be determined by customers. The photo eye on shuttle will stop on reflectors placed accordingly.


  • 1 year