Index Turntable Conveyors

Index Turntables are used to move products to an adjacent, parallel or angled conveyor lines. The load is rolled on the turntable, rotated until it faces the next conveyor section and unloaded into the following conveyor or station.

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  • Superior Electrical/Electronic Design including Allen Bradley Micro800 Series and AC drives
  • All motors, proximity sensors, photoeyes and other sensors have quick disconnect cables that simplify installation and maintenance
  • All Wulftec structures are made of heavy-duty steel for rugged performance, even in the harshest work environments. They’re built to last forever
  • A 25″ ring gear with pinion gear drive provides the strongest drive in the industry and is warranteed for 10 years.
  • Our heavy duty conveyors are second to none in the industry
  • Non-Proprietary parts accessible on a local base
  • The best warranties in the industry
    • 1-year unlimited cycle warranty
    • 10-years on the steel structure and ring gear

Key Specs

Machine Dimensions

  • 77.5 " Ø x
  • 18 " H
  • Others dimensions availables

Maximum Load Weight

  • 5000 lbs


  • Allen Bradley PowerFlex 525 drive, 230VAC / 3A / 60Hz
  • Sick #WTR2-P521S14 diffuse photoeye between conveyor rollers
  • NEMA 4/12 junction box with PVC pipes


  • 52" BFR (between frame rails)
  • Up to 35 FPM (other optional speeds available*)
  • 2 1/2" diameter rollers on 3" centers
  • 1 HP AC motor

Turntable Drive

  • Rotation speed of 4 RPM
  • Winsmith worm gear speed reducer
  • 1 HP AC motor


  • Full circle electric indexing - 360°
  • All driven rollers on turntable
  • Chain conveyor instead of rollers
  • Various pass height


  • 1 year
* Options