Compact clamp Retrofits

Wulftec’s fully automated Clamp and seal fuses the tail to a previously applied layer without puncturing through all the other layers.

The starting tail is completely eliminated using a special holding device and a blower during the first revolution. At the end of the wrapping cycle, a 6″ web will be made and then fused to a previously applied partial web layer. Sealing occurs few inches away from the product thus not relying on a product flat surface.

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Key Specs

Package Contents

  • Compact clamp assembly
  • 20" pneumatic single "partial roping device"
  • One side driven 150" process conveyor (To substitute the original process conveyor)
  • Longer rotary arm assembly (wrap diameter increased from 80" to 92")
  • Longer top frame assembly (wrap diameter increased from 80" to 92")

Estimated Installation Time

  • 8-10 hours

Approximate Shipping Weight

  • 250 lbs


  • One year
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