Another SMART™ idea

Last fall, Wulftec merged the WCA-150 and 200 into one line: The WCA-SMART™
WCA-SMART™The WCA-SMART™, with its unique manufacturing process, offers productivity, high speed and film savings. It’s all part of the Wulftec advantage, providing that essential edge with AC variable frequency drives and motors, heavy-duty steel construction, and superior warranties, including a lifetime warranty for blue pre-stretch compound rollers.

Benefits of the WCA-SMART™:
  • Standardization of line with the SMART tower & carriage inventory and lead time benefits
  • Improved design with enclosed carriage chains
  • The standard wrap height has increased to 80” (previously 76” on WCA-150)
  • Optional wrap height is now available in 92”, 104” and 116” (previously only 106” on WCA-150)
  • Ergonomically friendly film loading carriage is mounted on the side and allows for easy loading
  • Lifetime warranty on pre-stretch rollers’ blue compound
  • The "analog" sensor is now standard
  • Nema 4-12 panel (previously the WCA-200 panel was not rated)
  • Optional close roller spacing (3” centers) on conveyors is now rated at 5,000 lbs (previously 4,000 lbs)
  • Controls ready for the integration of fence kit
  • The WCA-SMART™ is more economical

The WCA-SMART™ features:
  • 12 RPM (17 RPM and 22 RPM optional)
  • 3-year unlimited cycle warranty
  • Spring loaded carriage gate
  • AC drive for all motors except conveyors
  • Quick disconnect throughout
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