M.J. Maillis Group receives major export award

M. J. Maillis Group, the Athens-based international packaging solutions specialist, has received a prestigious award for its export activities from the Athens Chamber of Industry and Commerce.
Greek Minister of Finance George Alogoskoufis presented the award to company Chairman and CEO Michael J. Maillis at the 11th annual ACIC ceremony. This honor recognizes M. J. Maillis Group's exceptional business capabilities and export achievements as a global leader in complete end-of-line packaging solutions. Michael J. Maillis dedicated the award to all M.J. Maillis Group employees and thanked them for their commitment and hard work in making the award possible. It was the Group's second time winning the coveted ACIC export award.
With customers in more than 52 countries, served through a network of 28 owned affiliate companies, 18 manufacturing operations and more than 350 independent distributors, M. J. Maillis Group had a turnover of 361 million euros in 2005-up from 3 million euros in 1987, the first year it won the ACIC export award.
Maillis 1987 Export AwardMaillis 2006 Export Award
Presented by Greek Prime Minister A. Papandreou

Sales: 3 million euros
Exports: 2.5 million euros
Presented by Greek Minister of Finance G. Alogoskoufis

Sales: 361 million euros
Exports: 124 million euros
...and growing!
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