Another Expansion for Wulftec International Inc

An Investment of $2.5M To Increase Our Current Production Area

To increase production capacity, to shorten lead times and meet the demands of our valued partners, Wulftec® is planning a 26,000 square foot expansion to its current production area.  The Wulftec Executive Directors: Stephane Joncas, Priscille Tremblay and Guy Lopes announced today that construction work will start in early July and is scheduled to be finalized prior to end of year. Wulftec currently employs 240 employees in its Ayer’s Cliff facility. With no specific timeline, new jobs will be created in the coming months.

In 2014, Wulftec made a 10,000 square foot expansion….in 2016, an 8,000 square foot expansion…and 2018 another expansion!  Wulftec continues to grow…it is thanks to teamwork, dedicated employees and valued business partners

Employee Assembly June 29, 2018 / Expansion Announcement
Employee Assembly June 29, 2018 / Expansion Announcement
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