The PACK EXPO Chicago 2006 Show was extremely successful for Wulftec.

Pack Expo 2006 logoMcCormick Place
Chicago, IL
Oct. 29 to Nov. 2, 2006

Images of the Wulftec booth:
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - WRING-500 stretch wrapper WRING-500
The new WRING-500 automatic rotary ring wrapper with 50 RPM. This rotary ring wrapper is crafted for success - high-speed wrapping for increased productivity, versatility and film savings.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - WCRT-200 stretch wrapper with robots WCRT-200
A conveyorized automatic rotary-arm stretch wrapper with corner post applicators, conveyor load-centering devices, 30” No-Thread® carriage and 24-RPM rotation speed.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006
Wulftec Booth
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006
Wulftec Booth

Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - Semi-Automatic stretch wrappers
SMART SERIES & Value Line The innovative semi-automatic stretch wrappers.

SMART SERIES: lets you pick and choose the individual components that go into building the machine. Now you can get the exact machine you need and pay only for the features you want. It's the SMART approach to semi-automatic stretch wrapping.

VALUE LINE: affordable, versatile and easy to use. A step above hand wrapping.

Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - Retrofits RETROFITS
Increase Productivity with a Wulftec® Retrofit System. What can you do when you need to boost productivity but can't afford to buy a new stretch wrapper? The solution is a Wulftec® retrofit system!
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - strapping consumables Strapping Consumables PET and steel strap covers a wide range of applications for most industries in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.
Wulftec Booth PackExpo 2006 - strapping tools Strapping Tools
A complete line of strapping tools for PP⁄PET and Steel strap; pneumatic strapping tools, battery strapping tools, pneumatic and manual sealless strapping tools, etc.
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